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The last five minutes of me playing:

"No... no... I failed the first time and yet the game asks about the most watched tv show again???? I survived the 'moonwalk' pun!

Oh I got it right this ti... ... ... ah.. ."

That was actually kinda nervewracking. I was expecting either a very simple game or a 'game killing bug' at the end. At times I was also wondering if the answer I'd choose would be right or a previous record would be right, as if the questions were made a long time before 'release'. Boy am I glad that doesn't seem to have happened.

Interesting idea altogether!

It's missing the point but I before the end I just kept on thinking about how in 1983 no one would be able to easily get all the facts! This probably is not meant to be the most immersive experience.

Thanks for trying the game out :)

The facts being somewhat obscure was kind of deliberate. Some old games had this sort of a trivia check as an Age-Gate (Leisure Suit Larry is one) and those really annoyed me. Let's say I wanted to spread the "joy" ;P


Very interesting idea. I must say. I like the aesthetics and visual and music. I am not so good at games like that. But it really interesting that it really makes you go out to look for the answer. It is not easy i must say! Although I must say you could had few more tries ^^ like 2-3 tried before gameover. But i can understand why it choose to me only one. 

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Thank you for trying the game out :)


Really cool mix of mediums with the PDF as a manual! Haven't seen anyone use the idea since "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes." Nice to see it used in a less frantic way ;)

Thanks a ton :)
Really wanted to hearken back to the era of anti-piracy measures that required you to thumb through the manual to prove that you had a legit copy of the game. KTANE is great as well!

PS: Love your entries to all the jams so far.


Hah, the ending was great :) Also, it was a nice challenge to find information correct for the time the game supposedly takes place in.


Thanks a ton :)


I like your take on the theme. Love the old school

Thank you!
Those games were a hassle. Really wanted to make sure that we don't forget. :P