This is the year 2020 and the world is cursed. You have found a previously unknown ruin - or so it seems. Apparently this was prophesised to be found in the current year and contains a cure!!! The walls have some inscriptions written on them in an unknown language and script. A linguist who went ahead of you has given you the transcription of the first inscription - "SPEAK WORDS". You'll have to transcribe the rest of the scribbles on the wall in order to gain entry. He just said "TAKE CARE" and ran away. Why? Oh well.

How To Play:
* WASD / Arrow keys to move
* E to interact with inscriptions
* All keys to type in your transcription
* Enter to submit transcription
* Escape to stop reading/transcribing
* Keep some paper handy - you might need to take down notes (or try to remember the shapes for the letters. Up to you :P ).

Extra Credits Jam #6 challenges-

Extra Translation : The game contains a conlang (sort of) and a new script that the player must decipher to proceed.
Extra Retro : The game uses only colors from CGA palette 0This took most of my development time. Totally worth it though imo - learned a lot.

Game made for the Kenney Jam 2020 (48 hours) and the Extra Credits Game Jam #6 (72 hours). Started after the EC Jam theme was announced so actually less than 48 hours. And I guess that shows (no audio and all)...
All assets from -

Made withUnity
Tagsconlang, Unity


Cursed 19 MB


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I like the art style! Reminds me of Obra Dinn.

Thank you! I was trying to achieve that - but with the CGA 0 palette instead.