You have *Only One* shot at glory!
A horde of magic infused insects has started pouring out from the ravine. Navigate a living bomb as far as you can into enemy territory to bring them down.

You must not lose speed once you start moving or the bomb will explode.
If you stop dodging left and right you will have only a few seconds before it goes off.
Don't run into the rocks, enemy projectiles or enemy critters - contact will cause an immediate explosion.

Hold down Left/A or Right/D to start dodging left and right.
Bomb will start moving into enemy territory
Dodge incoming enemies
Don't let go of the controls!!!

GMTK 2019 THEME : Only One
We implemented the theme in two ways - Life and Motion
Life - You only have one to intrude as far as you can into enemy territory
Motion - You only have one continuous motion. Discontinuity causes end of game - so player has to keep moving almost constantly.

UI assets by
Audio from Universal Sound FX pack by Imphenzia

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