How To Play
Aim with mouse. Press-and-Hold the Left Mouse Button to shoot.

Hello Employee!

Our rivals have been out-performing us during the super-critical Super Saturday sale period!
But fret not, for you have been chosen to operate the very latest in Present Delivery Mechanisms - the Present-O-Tron. We have determined that the best way to spread Holiday Cheer is to help as many customers purchase our ridiculously discounted products as possible. And what better way to help them make those purchases than to fling the products at their faces!
Seat yourself behind the launcher and make this sale a great success!

Remember! If you let too many customers crowd near the shelves a fight may break out. If customers have to pick their presents from the shelves themselves it might leave them a bit miffed, especially since we have promised a quick, painless experience. Do your best and you may find yourself with the coveted title of Employee of the Month.

A game for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam by-
Abhishek Agarwal
Abhishek Khade
Achintya Bisht
Ganesh Sharma
Ujwal Kumar

PS: Added Mac and PC executables in case web version is wonky for you. We don't have Macs and haven't tested that version and I can only trust Unity to have done its job.

All art and sound/music made by us except the background and clipart of the main menu
Main Theme Song

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsextragamejam, Funny, Unity


Download 21 MB
Download 23 MB


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Lol that was a funny idea. Wish there were some powerups or bombs though. That would have been sweet

Glad you liked it =D
We had planned power-ups and even multiple weapon types but couldn't find the time to put those in. Will probably add some in the future though.