The other side of the Relief story (Check previous jam submission for part 1)

Your uncle is a legislator and he has managed to get you a tender for getting train toilets cleaned at a local station. Unfortunately you are all out of people and no one wants to join your company. It's time to take matters in your own hands. And hammers. And the repair manual, don't forget the manual.

How To Play :
* Read the Repair Manual. You need to know where things are supposed to go!
* Click on the piece on the menu and then click over the water tank to drop it in.
* Once you have dropped in all pieces you can hit them with the hammer - by clicking the hammer button repeatedly - in order to bring them into position.
* Careful! If you hit them too many times they will break.

Credits :
Krishnapal Yadav
Ujwal Kumar


Repair Manual.pdf 10 kB

Install instructions

Download and read the Repair Manual

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