An idle game on the duality of growth. You will lead humanity in its pursuit of growth - from pre-historic times to the digital age. Growth comes with its own downsides though - will we survive or will we see the collapse of civilization?

How To Play:
Click on the resources to gain more.
Unlock upgrades to increase how much you can earn and to automate gathering.
Get all upgrades to go to the next era.
Industrialization will bring with itself a risk of disaster.
When disaster strikes you will have to spend the resources to try and fix things - if you fail the game will end.

Made for Global Game Jam 2022.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsClicker, Idle

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It seems like a neat idea but it seems too easy. So far I'm in the Iron Age and it feels like the only true downside is the wait times. 

An idea I had while playing it would be nice if we had some sort of way to see the growth. You know like dots that slowly move outwards or something. 

You're in for a surprise in Industrial 😁
I did initially plan to have more feedback on the planet as civilization grows but ran out of time during the jam 😅


Managed to beat it but nothing happens?

Also i think this is a really great idle game concept, but ruined by the “Industry Disaster” which will kill you eventually, I get the idea of the game but perhaps a “Add Max Resources” button would fix this issue

Thank you for checking it out =)
I definitely wanted the game to kill the player eventually - I'll probably bump up the difficulty so that happens before you can max out all the resources 😅

And "Add Max Resources" as a cheat button sounds great! I'm assuming that's what you meant? Something to take the player directly to the next age?

I didn’t mean a cheat button! I meant for the disaster meter to have a “Add Max Resources” to avoid the disaster button. Because you can’t click fast enough to fix